Editor Speciality:

Developmental and final editing, especially for business books

Editing and Writing Professionally for 6 years



Self Help, Philosophy, Personal, Motivation, Inspiration, Web Content, SEO, Love, Relationships, Biographies






Previous Book Publication Works -  Written, Edited and Self Published:


"Reset Your World With What They Didn't Teach Us"


"5 Simple Secrets To Experience Healthy Love"


"5 Keys To Success To Lies in Your Heart"


"5 Ways To Access Your Truth"



All can be found on the Books page.



So I can teach you or help you do the same.


Email for writing, editing and project base rates. When emailing please state word count or page number of your project. 


Each rate is per page except for project base projects. 




Writing - You have written your first draft, but you do not wish to complete it yourself. I would take over your manuscript and re-write it using your first draft as a foundation.


Editing - Work must be edited at least once. This edit is viewed as the final edit before proofing and publication. This includes adding details, grammar and sentence structure.


Project Base - You would like me to help you develop a program. For example, I create my self-help program in my workbooks listed above. 




Email: info@resetyourworld.org