Are Natural Deodorants Really Healthy?

Believe it or not whether we use a natural derived product, essential oil product or a product with synthetic ingredients were subject to some form of irritation, sensitivity or chemical imbalancement. Why do I say that you ask?


Recently I've been researching natural deodorant after wearing using no deodorant product for over a year and I was excited to see the change in the beauty market for deodorants. The industry now focuses on aluminum free deodorant and the substitute for it is baking soda. Now baking soda is well accepted but I thought "hm, do I really want to use baking soda?" I mean think about it, if it's not something recommended to use everyday for brushing your teeth, is it really good for your daily underarms? And I researched and found that it isn't. 


This website basically goes into detail about how baking soda throws off your PH balance, dries skin, ages skin and increase your skin sensitivity to sunlight as well irritate skin. I mean well all know baking soda is pretty strong. 

As a result, I discovered baking soda free deodorant products that substitute baking for probiotics, arrowroot powder, cornstarch or magnesium hydroxide. Some products even have a mixture of them listed in their ingredients. Personally I think it's strange to put probiotics on my armpits on a regular basis and it turns out that cornstarch is not a good idea for a deodorant ingredient either. Here’s an article saying why..

That narrows it down to arrowroot powder and magnesium hydroxide so I thought okay.

Until I started thinking about how magnesium hydroxide is still a pharmaceutical product even though there's an article explaining how magnesium hydroxide is better than baking soda. So I went back on the hunt for products that were free of the ingredients mentioned above just to see what was out there and found other brands were using essential oils or clay. (Oh, and here’s why arrowroot powder checked out just fine.)


Now did you know that some essential oils target depression or anxiety? I know its easy to overlook natural ingredients but they can interfere with health conditions and medications so its always important to look. That's the risky part and the ones I found targeted those things so I couldn't get on board.


Personally, I wouldn't want a product that focuses on eliminating my ability to produce sweat if I'm anxious. The body is letting me know something is wrong. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I feel like people actually accept sweating because we know it will dry up eventually we just want to not smell sweaty and stink.


That's why deodorant wipes caught my interest but obviously no one wants to carry that around all the time. So what do you do? Keep looking.


I've found a few brands that have my interest and I'm going to try them out.  Why? Because I like my moods to be as natural as possible. Natural or not, ingredients shouldn't deteriorate us. You aren't going to keep eating a natural food item that doesn't agree with your stomach, tongue or other part of your body. That's why it's important to pay attention to how things make you feel. 


Curious on the products I found? Here they are: