How To Really Get Started In Cryptocurrency Mining

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Read-only if you're interested in Crypto mining or buying Crypto. Or if you prefer you can watch the video instead of reading the article. Just scroll to the bottom and click the link.

Here are the five easy steps you can take to get started in Crypto mining or buying Crypto.

Step 1: Decide Your Mining Method

There are 3 ways Crypto can be mined.

  • GPU (graphics card) located on a laptop or desktop computer. You can also purchase an external GPU if you are interested in adding one to your laptop that doesn’t meet the mining requirements or if you just want one.

  • The CPU is located on a laptop or desktop.

  • ASIC miner aka Bitcoin Mining rig (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit chips). It’s a mini supercomputer device that does the mining without being connected to a laptop or computer. You connect it through wires directly to your ethernet port and it runs all the time. This method allows you to not damage your computer.

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Step 2: Get A Crypto Wallet For Your Earnings

Three great examples of Crypto wallets are Gemini, Exodus, and Ledger Nano S.

Gemini and Exodus or desktop and/or mobile software wallet. Ledger Nano S is a physical USB drive hardware wallet.

Step 3: Make Sure You Keep Your Hardware Systems Cool

It’s important to keep your computer system cool because overheating can damage the system and a fried system can be repaired. So if your computer does not have a built-in fan please get one or set your computer on a low setting that allows the computer to burn a little less.

A good example of an item that will keep your system cool is a Laptop fan.

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Step 4: Join A Mining Pool That Suits Your Interest And Crypto Coin

Often people say just join a mining pool to receive funds from mining crypto but no one explains how to find the best pool. They usually just talk about a pool they use and some of those pools only carry certain coins and other pools like Unmineable or HiveOs carry a big variety of them.

So, how do you know which mining pool website is the best?

Easy, just go to It contains a list of all the coins and mining pools and informs you of the rating and quality you can expect from each pool. All you have to do is search for your coin on the left side search bar and you’ll get a list of pools. You can organize the list by hash rate, pool fee, or when the last Crypto block was found.

For example, the top three mining pools based on the last time a block was found within the Bitcoin network are,, and

If you sort it by the hash rate, the top 3 Bitcoin pools are,, and


Step 5: Buy Crypto

If mining Crypto does not interest you and you can always buy it. Many platforms allow you to purchase Crypto coins but, they are all state-regulated so, you have to search by state to see if you can purchase them from platforms like Robinhood, Coinbase, Binance,, etc.

Not all coins are available for purchase on all platforms.

Here is the TikTok Tutorial Video below:

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