4 Affordable ASIC Miners Under $1000

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ASIC Miners are pretty expensive. Luckily two brands cater to the average person’s ability to get one so everyone can get in on Cryptocurrency. These two brands are Goldshell and FutureBit.

If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry you, now you do, but you’re going to have to act fast to get one.

Goldshell is a technology company that builds mini ASIC miner for Litecoin (LTC), Nervos (CKB), Handshake (HNS), Siacoin (Sia), and other cryptocurrencies coins. The general cost of asic miner is between $520 and $11,000 but, we are only focusing on popular Goldshell miners that are $1,000 or less.

The two main profitable ASIC Miners by Goldshell under $1000 each are Mini Doge and CK Box.

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Goldshell Mini Doge ASIC Miner

Mines Litecoin, Dogecoin Digibyte, Verge, Einsteinium, Gulden any Scrypt Based algorithm.

Wattage: 233 Watts

Cost $699 -$799



Goldshell CK Box ASIC Miner

Mines CKB coin.

Wattage: 215 Watts

Cost $699 w/o Power Supply



FutureBit is a technology company that builds ASIC miners that support LTC and Bitcoin Cryptocurrency coins. The ASIC miner cost anywhere between $65 to $900, and they have a waitlist to get one.

FutureBit Apollo LTC ASIC Miner

Mines Litecoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Verge, Einsteinium, Gulden coins or any Scrypt Based algorithm.

Cost $320 - $450

Wattage: 100 to 200 Watts


FutureBit Apollo BTC ASIC Miner

Mines Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and any SHA256 Based Crypto.

Wattage: 125 to 200 Watts

Cost $450 - $800


Important Note: These companies are all about Cryptocurrency so they only accept payment in the form of Cryptocurrency via external coin wallet or Coinbase on Goldshell.com and Futurebit.io

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