3 Quality Cell Phone Carriers With Unlimited Plans Under $1.25 A Day

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Budgeting is a lot easier than people may think. At least when it comes to cell phones. Prepaid plans have a bad reputation for low-quality phones and service but that’s because you might not have heard of how to find the best one with great service.

AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, and Sprint are the major towers and well-known cell phone service companies nationwide. They even offer Prepaid Plan Service as well but each of these companies’ plans starts at $40 a month or more.

Quality cell phone coverage service is determined by your area, and most of us choose companies that won’t drop our calls, and that’s okay. You can still manage to get a cell phone plan for under 40 bucks without being a senior citizen or having a company discount or etc.

Whistleout.com allows you to compare all the cell phone service companies. The trick to determine which prepaid plan has quality cell phone service is to pay attention to the network tower that works that suits you best. The major towers are the major companies we just listed above AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

If you love your current service all you have to do is search for a cell phone company that runs on your favorite network and use their prepaid package plans.

For example in our area the top three Unlimited Text, Call, and Data Prepaid companies for under $40 a month are PagePlus, Mint Mobile, Reach Mobile.

*Note: PagePlus Unlimited text, call, and data plans are under $40. You can see it on their website. WhistleOut used to have it on the list, and we are not sure why it’s not there now.

Also on the list, there is a company called BM that has plans under $40. Please be aware that the company BM is in the Pre-order stage and has not started distributing service plans as of yet. And we don’t know the network service they run on either.

Read “2 Quick Steps To Find Affordable Cell Phone Plans Under $40” to learn exactly how to search for a quality and affordable cell phone plan. We’ve used this method to discover the best-prepaid cell phone tower company for us 3 years ago and remain a customer ever since.

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