How To Make Feeling Obligated To Do More A Thing Of The Past


The answer is simple, just don’t do it. Now we’re not saying don’t clean your homes or do your assignment properly at work, we’re saying don’t do more than what you need to. And this does not include your supervisor or anyone else who’s asked you for extra help. Some people have to do those things to get extra experience to go up the ladder, so we are not addressing that kind of scenario in this article. We’re discussing following the path of someone else.

For example, many writers tend to think the longer the article the better, but it’s not true. No one truly wants to read these 1,000 to 3000-word articles to learn how to start a blog or how to use social media platforms to gain additional income. We repeat No One Wants To Read Lengthy Articles. Do we want that kind of information though? Yes, we just don’t want the over-explanation or the runaround. Most readers who read how to start a blog are usually left overwhelmed, confused, discouraged, or filled with possible anxiety because it is too much.

It is more than okay to deliver information in a shorter context hence why TikTok is used and pretty popular for learning just about any topic. And it might feel strange to publish something short, but every resource found is still a resource that needs to be shared. Our entire mission is to provide you with resources to better you, not confuse or trap you in three hours of reading time.

If we value another’s time and energy, life would be a bit simpler, and we are not saying “just spit it out, you are too slow, and just keep quiet”. You can still take your time with whatever you write about, we are just saying if you, yourself wouldn’t want to read it, try not to write it. You can still inform us about who you are, upload pictures of your income, and so forth but, don’t overwhelm us.

So if you see us publishing short articles, understand that we value our time just as much as you value yours and we value all resources. We write we need to write, and if it just so happens to be lengthy then so be it, we know that as a writer we hope and aim that readers will walk away with their questions answered, a list of instructions or guidance on the information sought on.

If you can understand this concept then you can take it and make changes in your life from your home, to exercising, to socializing and at work. Clean and organize what you need to but don’t overdo it, and that’s going to mean something different to everyone. So the message is, if you feel overwhelmed from your household cleaning, downsize in some way or form.

Socialize only on the days you truly want to, and if you find yourself friendless on those days, join a Facebook group, find friends on an app like Bumble or join any other community group that supports your interests. Also, exercise much less when you need to. It’s important to listen to your body rather than harm yourself to meet a goal set by yourself or anyone else.

We are adamantly not saying “be lazy” in this article. We are saying look at it differently. Find what you’re not bound to do and shrink the way of doing it down. In general, writers are not bound to write lengthy articles unless they are hired to do so. So in any aspect of your life, if there is something you wish that you didn’t have to work so hard on, identify flexibility within it and use it to shrink the task of it.

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