How To Get Married At A Pizza Store In 2022

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This February 14th, 2022, L’industrie x Honeybreak Officiants will host Valentine’s Day Pop Up Chapel services. L’industrie x Honeybreak Officiants is a Pizza restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 

You can book an Elopement Ceremony or a Vow Renewal Ceremony on OpenTable for 30 minutes for the price of $600.

How Does It Work

After reserving a time slot, a designated representative from Honeybreak Officiants contacts you to secure your booking. Each booking ceremony allows 6 to 8 guests for a 30-minute session.

Elopement Ceremony Package Includes:

  • 10-minute ceremony of “I Do” vows and a license signing.

  • 15 edited pictures from photographer Victoria Romulo of your celebratory ceremony with loved ones.

  • Outdoor heated venue space at L’industrie that is transformed into a magical Pop-up Chapel

  • Two gourmet pizzas and a sundae after the ceremony is completed.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Includes:

  • 10-minute vow renewal with available vows if you haven’t written your own.

  • 15 edited pictures from photographer Victoria Romulo of your celebratory ceremony

  • Outdoor heated venue space at L’industrie that is transformed into a magical Pop-up Chapel.

  • Two gourmet pizzas and a sundae after your ceremony is completed.

If you are in Brooklyn and are tired of waiting for the pandemic to end to get married or have your vows renewed in 2022, why not try a Pizza place?

Let us know below if you decide to jump on that spontaneous journey.

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