Is The Aluminum In Your Kitchen Cookware Safe?.


More and more lately it seems that the most dangerous material we can use in our kitchen and on our bodies is Aluminum. It’s not safe for Aluminum to touch our foods nor is it is the healthiest ingredient in our deodorants.

There are charts created by companies that showcase The Best of the Best Kitchen Cookware materials, and we decided to share one from Xtrema Cookware to help clarify and narrow down the healthiest options in the best way possible.

In this chart you can see that glass and ceramic are the top materials best used in the kitchen because they are the safest and after those top two, it’s a mix between Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, and Copper.

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Although Ceramic and Glass Cookware is the safest, the downside is the weight of the materials and their ability to break. Carbon Steel and Cast Iron are also good options, but there are pretty heavy, contain iron, and are probably best utilized by those who are anemic. With that being said, there is only one material that is sturdy, budget-friendly, doesn’t break easily, and is also considered safe, and that is Stainless Steel.

Now that we have established which materials are best, there is a big wave of companies using Aluminum on the inside layers of pots or the bottom of the pot, and a lot of them are not honestly advertising them in a way where people could easily identify or understand.

Aluminum can be advertised with other names such as Anodized, Thermal Diffused Base, Capsulated, or Encapsulated Bottom when it is used within layers of a pot. Other companies may use the term AllClad, 2-ply, or 3-ply / Tri-ply to indicate Aluminum is inside the pot layers as well.

Looking Into It

When we look into why Aluminum is being used in cookware we find answers such as “it creates even heat distribution and Stainless Steel alone couldn’t do that…also it allows Stainless Steel to be used induction stove,” and that’s not true. There are even websites that say “it’s okay for Aluminum to be used in pots as long as it doesn’t touch your food.”

It’s bad enough that nonstick cookware is coated with chemicals that can chip away and leach into our foods which is not safe, and now we are faced with Aluminum coated, or embedded in layers or encapsulated at the bottom of our cookware.

So What’s The Best Thing To Do?

Fortunately, some companies still sell Stainless Steel without Aluminum so consumers can decide for themselves. (Although if you do quick research right now, you’ll see some websites say these companies selling only Stainless Steel Cookware are hard to find or they just don’t do it anymore), but that’s not true.

Some of these companies may resort to secondary materials such as Copper or Titanium but, there are still some companies that produce kitchen cookware collection sets with only Stainless Steel materials.

These companies that only use Stainless Steel are:

Alessi Pots & Pans Designed by Jasper Morrison

7 piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set $399.00

1 Quart Frying Pan $89.43

1 Quart Saucepan $67.41

1 Quart Casserole Pot $90.00

2 Quart Frying Pan $113.71

2 Quart Sauce Pan $95.00

2 Quart Milk Boiler $ 70.00

3 Quart Low Casserole Pot $90.02

5 Quart Casserole Pot $120.00

5 Quart Low Casserole Pot $135.00

5 Quart Stock Pot $109.25

9 Quart Stock Pot $132.55

Ayesha Curry

11 piece Home Collection Stainless Steel Cookware $94.44

Home Collection 9 piece Stainless Steel Cookware $184.80

Berghoff International

7 piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set $295.99

Denmark Tools For Cooks

7 piece Stax Stainless Steel Nesting Cookware Set $89.99 

Old Dutch International

12 piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set $103.86


Rametto 8 piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set $68.85


E760SC Performa Pro Stainless Steel 12 piece $ 80.94

Expert Pro Stainless Steel 12 piece $109.00

E7S95E Performa ProStainless Steel 14 piece $119.99

5 Quart Easy Lock Stainless Steel Cook and Clip $39.33

5.5 Quart E75846 Performa Stainless Steel $34.49

6 Quart Stock Pot Stainless Steel $37.99

Performa Stainless Steel 14 piece $99.99

But if you are interested in Cookware sets with Copper and Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, you can find those materials in these cookware sets below.


10 piece Stainless Steel and Copper Cookware Set $119.99


Stainless Steel Mess Kit Copper Bottom $27.98

PrepSavor & Savour Cookware

Kena Collection 11 piece Copper Stainless Steel $449.99

Ouseman Professional 10 piece Stainless Steel and Copper Clad Carbon Steel Cookware Set $237.99

Focus Foodservice

7 piece set Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel $173.99

In a nutshell, when shopping for cookware, buy a high quality stainless steel grade, and look out for the keywords that mean aluminum to avoid getting tricked. The keywords are encapsulated, capsulated, thermal diffused, diffused bottom, any type of numbers Ply like 4-Ply. Also, try to stay within your budget.

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