How To Hire A Real Estate Agent To Find An Apartment In NY And NJ

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If you ever searched for a new place to live, you become privy to the fact that listing agents typically do not take on clients that seek apartments, and if you never knew that well, you know it now (at least in NYC).

It is easier to get an agent if you’re looking to buy a house. You can go to, select find a realtor, and pick whoever you want. Or simply go to any other real estate agency and you’d get an agent easily. But when it comes to finding a real estate agent to help you with apartment hunting, there’s only one company designed to do that and that is Triplemint.

Triplemint is a new agency that has been out for a few years that allows you to contact agents directly and request that they be your agent (if they serve the area you’re looking to move to or are taking clients). Triplemint’s website gives the impression that they understand that we as clients deserve better, whether we are looking to rent, buy or sell a home, apartment or invest in a property.

You can contact customer service and let them know you are looking to find an agent so that they can help serve your needs. Or you can read the profile of each agent on the Triplemint website and see their reviews, listings, and biography about themselves to make a decision.

But let’s be clear you have to know what you’re looking for. When we inquired about whether or not we would receive a list of agents that serve Brooklyn, we were told:

“To start, one of the members of our Client Success team can set up a call to discuss what you are looking for. Next, based on your individual search, our team can pair you with an agent who is an expert in the buildings and apartments in your preferred location(s).” — Triplemint Client Success Representative

It would be better if people received a list of agents serving the area so they can decide who they want to be their agent rather than being matched up to one. So, if you have the time it’s best to do the latter and contact an agent directly.

On the plus side, Triplemint’s agents have fast turnover results so if you’re looking for someone to do all the legwork this is relatively close to getting that kind of service even though you are still advised to continue searching yourself as well.

Take a look at Megan’s (a client) story displayed on Triplemint’s “How It Works” website page.

Reading that review and story makes you want to say “Yes! please be my agent and help me make this apartment hunt easier.”

But as of right now, Triplemint only serves New Jersey and New York State but you never know, maybe they’ll add other states in the future or you could at least reach out to an agent and see if they recommend an agent in the state that you reside or seeking to reside.

Good luck on your hunt.

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