9 Solutions For People Who Hate Weed Smell Odors


In almost every state, Cannabis is legal now, and most people are happy about this but, not everyone.

For many reasons, of course, but one major reason is that Cannabis has a terrible smell. And it doesn’t matter what flavor, grade, or quality they produce, all of it stinks pretty bad.

Despite knowing this people still use the product, and the rest of us are left to just deal with the leftover odors in the atmosphere. But, no more thankfully, there are companies dedicated to helping nonsmokers or just about anyone who can’t handle the smell of smoke odors.

Natural odor removal companies created products that won’t mask the smell of Cannabis. Their products eliminate them with natural ingredients.

These companies are Stankless, Cannabis, and Aroma Country, and they do a pretty good job at eliminating the smell. Other companies like Zip or Zep utilize non-natural ingredients to eliminate cannabis odors, so it’s hard to recommend something that says “Do not inhale” when it’s an aerosol spray. That’s why it’s always important to read and be aware of everything before you use and purchase anything.

Also, keep the windows open when you spray anything. The environment is important, and so is your health.

Here are some products listed by the companies above:                                

Stankless Odor Eliminator Spray Travel Size:

Cedar Wood $6.99

Lemon Orange $6.99

Lavender $6.99

Fresh Linen $6.99

Cannabolish Smoke Odor:

Eliminator Spray and Air Freshener $11.99

Eliminating Candle $14.99

Blaze Away Spray:

Linen Breeze Scent $28.95

Citrus $28.95

Fresh  $28.95

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