9 Household Items You Should Dispose Of Every Few Months Or Years

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1. Household Cleaners should be disposed of every two years once purchased because disinfectant cleaners lose their effectiveness. And Bleach specifically should be disposed of every three to five months.

2. Wine should be disposed of within one to two days after it’s opened because it becomes exposed to oxygen, heat, or daylight which causes the flavors and aromas to fade. Wine can be stored in the fridge to preserve it but, it is enjoyed best within the next two days.

3. Cooking Oils, Herbs, and Spices should be disposed of once a year unless it’s olive oil which can last for two years because daily usage exposes oils, herbs, and spices to heat and light, which breaks down the flavor.

4. Nail Polish should be disposed of after a year once opened because it starts to separate, get thick or evaporate which affects the use of it being applied.

5. Eye Makeup should be disposed of after 6 months because bacteria builds up from constant usage, and this bacteria goes back onto your face, which can cause acne or irritation.

6. Toothbrushes should be disposed of every three months to eliminate worn-down bristles and leftover bacteria build-up from usage.

7. Dish Sponges should be disposed of every month because they get worn out, and bacteria build up in them as well.

8. Plastic Containers should be disposed of every 3 to 4 years because plastic naturally breaks down. If your plastic has a change of color, cracks, warps, or smells, throw it away, and don’t reuse plastics you received from food items you purchased at the supermarket.

9. Paint should be disposed of every two to five years because once opened it starts to break down and become difficult to mix.

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