7 Places Where You Can Donate Sneakers For Cash


A few companies are willing to send you prepaid labels and pay you to send in your sneakers in return for cash.

Because truth is, we are not all sneaker fanatics, most of us toss our sneakers away when we are done with them, hand them down to a family member, or use a donation bin. Everyone would love to get extra cash if possible, and since it seems most people don’t know about it, so, we are here to share what we care about.

Here is the list for those who want some cash for their sneaker.

1. Got Sneakers — Pays you $7 for every athletic sneaker you donate. If you’re sending more than 10 sneakers they are willing to come to pick them up.

2. DSW VIP Ways To Give — Allows you to donate your shoes to get points towards cash. You get 50 points for every donated sneaker, and when you accumulate $5.00 you get to use it as a coupon reward to shop at DSW. The donated shoes go to a company called Soles4Souls.

3. Sneakers4Funds collects 15 to 20 pairs of used or new sneakers and issue you a check to a club organization and charity of your choice.

4. Shoes With Heart — allows you to collect shoes and raise money for whatever you need. It could be medical expenses, adoption, service animals, or Community organizations. We don’t know how much you will receive, but the more sneakers you bring to them the higher your check will be.

5. Clothes The Loop Program by The North Face — accepts shoes and clothing donations in their partnership with Soles4Souls. You can drop off your clothes and shoes at The North Face Retail Stores and they send the items to Soles4Souls. In return, The North Face gives you a $10 reward towards your North Face next purchase of $100 or more.

6. Cash4Shooz — lets you create a fundraiser to collect used or worn shoes and in return, they give you a check for your fundraiser.

7. Buffalo Exchange- buys your clothes, shoes, and jewelry. We don’t know how much you can receive, but you can bring in up to 50 items to sell. They have locations in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virgina, and Washington.

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