How can I help?

1. Donate your cellphone to us by mailing it to us. Our program is still new so please email us at and let us know what cell phone you want to donate. At this time we cannot provide a shipping label or drop-off box locations. A USPS label should cost about $8 to ship it to us. Please have a tracking number for every shipment when we provide you with the address.
2. Spread the word and share our page. All funds allocated are from writers and ads placed on our Humans Helping Human page and this FAQ page. If you would like to be a writer click the join button below to find more details.

What types of phones can I give?

We are accepting phones built and owned in the last 4 years. Waterproof/water-resistant phones are a plus. Please remember these individuals live outdoors so phones that are built to handle a little water are best.

Does the phone have to be unlocked?

No, we take all phones with the ability to insert a SIM Card.

Please Note We do require the phones to be in good working conditions. We do not repair broken screens or any other repairing service. We only factory reset them and set them up for each individual we meet. Please do not send us broken phones. We will not send them back due to low funds.

How does a phone help?

These individuals do not have access to 24/7 technology or electricity. By donating your old cell phone you can help them achieve this along with our funding of a service plan and a solar panel so they can start creating a better life for themselves. They may want to access healthcare, housing, work programs, or just a family relative or friend.

We want to give these individuals back their sense of privacy. We do not solicit or take their information or sell anything to them.

Where does the funding come from?

Advertising on this page and articles that are written by contributors who support the program. By reading this page and sharing or main page, you are helping us gain adequate funding to buy data packages and outdoor solar panels to give homeless individuals 24/7 access to electricity and a cell phone. 

What kind of other resources do you provide?

Our package list things such as a list of places to shower, find food, free items, and much more.

How can I sponsor?

We sell ads to businesses and the ads geared to support the program will be placed on this page and our main page only. See our advertise with us page. We accept donations as well at this link.

Are you hiring?

At this point in time, we only can accept volunteers and writing contributors. Volunteers are people who are interested in helping find, explain and distribute our service to individuals. The writing contributors can click join below to find out more.

Interested in being a supporting writer for our program? Click Join below