A Free And Simple Way To Market Amazon Products

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The first thing you need to do is look at keywords that hold the highest search volume number, in all possible keywords you can think of that relate to your product. Then you’re going to want to write them all down.

Note: To discover words, you can use any keyword tool website you want.

It doesn’t matter if you end up with 30 or 50 keywords, because in the next step you will narrow them down.

How to Narrow Them Down

Take each keyword, go to Amazon.com and pay attention to the type of product that each keyword displays in your search. For example, the keyword “love test” shows results of quizzes on Amazon, and the keyword “being human” shows results of a TV show called “Being Human.”

I know this sounds simple, but if you think about it simple works on Amazon.com.

It’s important to have the right keyword that allows your product to show up in the results so what better way to do that than test the keywords you want to place on your Amazon Sellers page.

Whether it’s a book or dish soap, Amazon only allows a certain amount of keywords, and you don’t want to miss out by wasting time on keywords that won’t work. Because you’re probably not going to do great if your video game is found in the category of dish soap. It just doesn’t make sense.

So if you notice that the keywords you use show unrelated products when you search them, Get Rid Of That Keyword


And that’s one tool on how to use keywords that you receive free from Amazon tools to adhere to your product.

Another Quick Tip

Do Not Use The Title Name Of Your Product As A Keyword.


Because Amazon already has your product name set up to be a keyword. Don’t believe it? Check the results of us testing the book “Reset Your World With What They Didn’t Teach Us” under the keywords “What they didn’t teach us” and “Reset Your World” without using it as a KDP Amazon Book Seller keywords.

You can see the search results here and here

So you see, you can save yourself a couple of keywords when marketing your product.

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