3 Exclusive Tips That Can Help Buy The Best Laptop

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Three important features when looking for a laptop are the Processor, Memory, and Storage, but the three most important things to look for when you are ready to buy your laptop are the Price, Processor, and Memory.

Number 1:

Never Spend More Than $800

(Specifically for those looking to save money)

Any laptop $800 and under should have everything you need for the next ten years to come. If you are a gamer, the price range is different. Either way, sometimes waiting for the right time to buy one can help keep you in this price bracket…*hint* early Spring or August might do the trick.

Number 2:

Always Get 2.3Ghz Processor Or Above

The speed of your computer or laptop is extremely important and will help in the long run, especially if you’re trying to keep a laptop for the next ten years. The speed needs to be fast enough to handle your laptop’s Memory and Storage space. If the Processor speed is too low, your laptop will be slow.

Number 3:

Memory Should Be At Least 4GB Or More

Memory is a laptop or computer’s ability to run many items at the same time. It should be balanced with the amount of storage space. You don’t want your laptop overwhelmed with trying to open and continuing to run too much GB of Storage space when you’re ready to have 10 different types of files opened.

So here’s a rough balance:

4 GB of Memory is a decent minimum amount to handle 250GB to 500GB of Storage space if your Processor speed is 2.2 GHz or above.

6GB can handle up to 1000GB (1TB) with a Processor speed of 2.3Ghz or more.

The higher the numbers the better and longer your laptop will function and last.

If you are searching for a laptop and notice that only the Storage space increased since your last laptop purchase, then do not buy it.

If the Processor and Memory increase then you can purchase it. External Storage space can be bought or sometimes you have the option to upgrade to a higher Storage space.

#Bonus Tip 

Get Enough Storage space for Updates and Installs

Storage space consists of the overall data capacity within a laptop or computer. And this space is necessary for when manufacturers have software updates or else you’d be left with no choice but to buy a new laptop because you ran out of space.

Need a quick reminder?

Here’s a recap of this information in a TikTok video.


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3 Exclusive Tips That Can Help Buy The Best Laptop

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