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Self- Improvement Books

It takes time to break away or redevelop what we learned. If you’re seeking change, then the books below can help you. Hope you enjoy your growth.

A self improvement book

Success does not equate to money. Whether your goal to lose weight, finish your degree, start a business or etc. Every goal has it’s hurdles and this workbook was created to encourage and help people identify what’s in their heart so they can use their truth  as a tool to obtain success and overcome obstacles in their path.

A self improvement book

Knowing our truth is a form of self care and discovering it takes time. Most of us have to either schedule the time or completely walk away from our careers or families until we figure it out. This workbook is designed to help facilitate the challenge of getting to know yourself better without you having to put your life on hold.

A self improvement book

Some say love should be easy. Others may think if it’s too easy I don’t want it. Despite the many challenges you experience within your relationships, i one thing for certain is that all  your relationships should be healthy. This workbook helps you identify whether or not your relationship with yourself, friends, lover or family member is healthy.

This book is an creative eye opener that encourages one to take action by tapping into their truth to unleash what they desire the most. The human mind is designed for expansion and there’s no limit to the way we see, think, feel, relate or grow and this book showcases that to the world.

Personal Growth Your Way

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