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1,000 Rejections: The Story of Christopher Pascale's War Poems

I sat down recently to speak with Christopher Pascale, the author of War Poems: A Marine's Tour 2003-2008, published by Merriam Press.

Christopher Pascale was 19 when he wrote his first novel manuscript, which was later self-published.

Launch Date

I'm proud to announce the official launch date of book: Reset Your World with What They Didn't Teach Us and 3 guides will be on May 22, 2016.


Books will be available on www.resetyourw...

Slang Ruined My Life

Sorry Slang but I'm not about that life


Slang is an informal set of words or phrases used to shortcut a native language. Most times these words are...

Would You Stick Around?

If you saw the color of my skin, would you stick around?


Imagine dating online in a blind date scenario. You could instant message, e-mail, hold lovely conversations on the phone with s...


These keys against my board


mark my fears and desires. 


I take the rainbow ....and make it gold streams of river.


Run down on my canvas...

Says It Poetically

Who was I when I wrote that letter,

for the words remain a blur to me.

It came from a place of all places,

where disturbed could possibly be.


Who was I when I said those...

Do you love work or the lifestyle it brings you?

If the answer to loving your job is yes, god bless you. Don't worry it's just a figure of speech. I won't ever discuss the topic of religion. If the answer to loving your job was yes, I...

Top Recommended YouTube Channels

A little over a week ago I wrote about many different ways YouTube can change your life on the post "Enhance Your Life The YouTube Way". Now in order to make you a believer, I...

Enhance Your Life The YouTube Way

YOUTUBE: It's Much More Than Music & Funny Videos


When it comes to YouTube,an entrepreneur's mind often screams...

Sleepless Times

I couldn't sleep last night but who cares.

Who cares if your mind tumbles over me.

The no end journey of thoughts and daydreams.

Who cares if you barely speak when I walk over you like pla...

How About We Just...

Put down your wine and intoxicate me

Drench and drown my mind with slurred speech

I want to discover lost memories,

as we clasp our hands and cruise down the street.