Slang Ruined My Life

Sorry Slang but I'm not about that life


Slang is an informal set of words or phrases used to shortcut a native language. Most times these words are used in playful settings but eventually there is an aftereffect that occurs in our professional or formal environments. Specific documentations such as resumes, cover letters and even writing essays, poems and books (yeah, I'm included).


Slang diminished interest in vocabulary words and increased amnesia on our ability to spell and pronunciate correctly. Although people no longer use correct grammar they proceed to blame technology for their typos. 


Some popular slang terms used today are:

"Eyebrows on fleek"

"Get ya life"

"Where they do dat at"


Popular grammar and misspellings or "typing errors" today are: 

"Your, You're" 

"Were, We're"

"They're, They, There, Their"


Even abbreviations are bad. Two and three letter abbreviations like "TBT", TBH", "WYD" create confusion and are hard to keep up with. 


As a result, I've chosen to limit my exposure to slang as much as I can. But I'm not completely anti-slang, I will enjoy it in a comical form and do my best to not repeat it in when I'm speaking. Even though there is no guarantee since its similar to repeatedly listening to a song you dislike until you eventually start to like it. I'll just treat it the same way I treat songs on the radio: Turn it off or mentally tune it out.

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