Would You Stick Around?

If you saw the color of my skin, would you stick around?


Imagine dating online in a blind date scenario. You could instant message, e-mail, hold lovely conversations on the phone with someone you could never see. The two of you have an amazing chemistry outside of the fact that you have no idea what each other look like. Pretty much Catfish 2.0. Now the day you actually meet, how many of you would see past the image of the person in front of you? The chances of that are very slim, and sometimes that's how I feel about promoting an image of myself as a writer. Of course, I would be accepted in the community of those with a similar skin color or lifestyle as mine but, what about everyone else? 


This is not a rant about racial profiling or me using the internet to deal with harsh experiences in my life that require me to hide behind a screen. Or (for those who love to psych evaluate a person) even me showing red flags about my perception on how I feel about myself.  I'm basically saying we're all human and look at what society has done to us. We're unable to be ourselves and reach anyone, anywhere because we don't look alike or sound alike. 


Do you really see what we all go through?

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